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Very Fine Wine Thoughts

February 9, 2009

Here are some very fine wines thoughts, on wine today from ABTrading Company International in Buenos Aires.

During the past few years society appears to be awakening to the joys and pleasures that wine can offer. The massive production and irrational consumption which dominated the world of wine during decades appear to have been definitely left behind.

Just as in the days of our grandfathers, to talk about wine today is to talk about history, culture and tradition. It is synonymous with knowledge, work and effort; of joy and pleasant moments.

To drink quality wine implies of necessity a modern and sophisticated approach. The modern consumer is now alert to trends and the latest novelties. He learns daily and knows how to enjoy responsibly.

Our society needs good and honest wines more than ever; wines that bind us together and place us above prejudices. Wine, drunk in moderation, achieves this objective admirably. It is possible that as long as there are humans on earth, the grape will continue giving tribute to man’s intelligence.